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20.04.2021 | Entries

Intuition is fucking important. Make work that fucking matters. You are the source of every ounce of give-a-damn that will ever exist in your work. To go partway is easy, but mastering anything requires hard fucking work. Respect your fucking craft. Practice won’t get you anywhere if you mindlessly fucking practice the same thing. Change only occurs when you work deliberately with purpose toward a goal. Design as if your fucking life depended on it. Defy fucking convention. If you don’t test your will against the dissent of the world, it can never grow stronger. Remember it’s called the creative process, it’s not the creative fucking moment. You need to sit down and sketch more fucking ideas because stalking your ex on facebook isn’t going to get you anywhere. Don’t fucking quit. Even with the odds against you, time is against the odds. Dedicate yourself to lifelong fucking learning. You’ve been placed in the crucial moment. Abandon the shelter of insecurity. When you sit down to work, external critics aren’t the enemy. It’s you who you must to fight against to do great fucking work. You must overcome yourself. Think about all the fucking possibilities. Don’t worry about what other